Mike Baynton asked about some server side transcoding code he has worked 
on this seems appropriate for wikitech-l so I have cc'ed it here.

The current direction is to encourage in-browser client side 
transcoding. This offloads the costs of server side transcoding and 
maximizes quality letting us supply the transcode settings for 
generating theora files from the HD or DV source.  Instead of users 
uploading intermediary format at low bandwidth & arbitrary encode 
quality settings.

I see a few potential directions to take with the transcoder work that 
has been done...

1) Firefogg will request two copies one for archival and one for web 
streaming. Perhaps we want to create derivatives from the archival 
version (say for playback on a mobile device) and we need to re-derive 
everything from the archival version.

2) Perhaps the infrastructure you developed may be applicable to dealing 
out the tasks of "rendering out of sequences" of video. I have been 
working on a web video sequencer/editor that will playback in html5 
browsers but will need to be "flattened" to be played in other players, 
browsers, put on DVD's etc. The best way to do this will probably be the 
Gstreamer's GNonLin library (as used in PiTiVi). More on that later...

3) Perhaps we want to support _arbitrary file formats_ uploads from 
users not running firefox in the immediate term? I don't see this as 
hugely important. I think people that use video editing software or 
people regularly dealing with digital video assets can likely 
download/run firefox and handle the one click install of an extension. 

3.5) The special case ofcourse is supporting video contributions from 
mobile devices that are limited to encoding hardware specific video 
codecs... But I think we would wait on this until A) we have the upload 
api working, B) have an actual use case. ie lets get uploading photos 
from cellphones working first.  This use case will likely include 
funding given the controlled exposure of applications / services in cell 
phone devices. (hopefully that controlled environment issue will change 
though)  ...ultimately we want to push out patent unencumbered formats 
to the "phones" too...


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