Max Seminik raised the issue of codurr spamming the channel with a 
useless list of revisions that broke the tests.


[19:39:08] <codurr> Something broke.  See 
  Possible culprits: aashrh/r89027 /r89028 /r89029 nbiabriket/r89035 
krenkli/r89036 eryed/r89037 /r89038 eixal/r89039 /r89040 /r89041 /r89043 
/r89044 /r89047 /r89049 /r89051 /r89061 /r89062
... and so on.

I repaired cruise control a few days after the hackaton. At that points 
tests were broken and I fixed most of them. Then I added back the 
Database and Parser groups which added some more interesting tests 
breakage (including the order in which files are loaded by PHPUnit).

Since cruisecontrol *does not remember the states of tests* from 
previous builds, it just assume the current build broke everything and 
hence report all the old breakages on each build :-(

To fix them you have to get to CruiseControl:
Clicking on 'mw' in the orange box will show you tests results for the 
latest build, below you will find the latest revision tested.

At the moment we can see :
  #288 - testParserTest with data set #287

Clicking on it will show the long list of tests. Look for the above 
message in the list, next to it is a "Failure >>" link which show the 
test output. In this case:

ParserTests::testParserTest with data set #287 ('pre-save transform: 
Signature expansion in nowiki tags (bug 93)', 'Shall not expand:
<snip parsertest output with diff and backtrace>

To reproduce it locally:

   $ cd tests
   $ php parserTests.php --quiet --filter 'bug 93'
   This is MediaWiki version 1.19alpha (r89273).
   Passed 0 of 1 tests (0%)... 1 tests failed!
   $ echo $?   # show PHPUnit exit code:

$ svn blame tests/parser/parserTests.txt | grep 'bug 93'
  89191 platonides pre-save transform: Signature expansion in nowiki 
tags (bug 93)

So probably introduced in r89191 .. Check it out and run tests :

  $ svn co -r 89191
  $ php parserTests.php --quiet --filter 'bug 93'
   This is MediaWiki version 1.19alpha (r89191).
  Passed 0 of 1 tests (0%)... 1 tests failed!

That one was broken on commit anyway.

The BlockTest are broken too, most probably due to its rewrite. You can 
easily reproduce the test suite and most project manager we love the 
easy report functionality (--testdox):

   $ cd tests/phpunit
   $ ./phpunit.php --filter BlockTest --testdox
   PHPUnit 3.5.13 by Sebastian Bergmann.

    [ ] Make normal block

    [ ] Initializer functions return correct block
    [x] Bug 26425 block timestamp defaults to time
    [ ] Bug 29116 load with empty ip
    [ ] Bug 29116 new from target with empty ip

Have fun :-)

Ashar Voultoiz

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