Hi all,

Some of you might heard of it, some of you probably know it or even
regularly use it - huggle is a super fast diff browser for MediaWiki
intended for dealing with vandalism on Wikimedia projects (but it can
be used for any installation), written in C++.

It is being used on a number of wikimedia projects, and it helps to
revert hundreds of instances of vandalism every day, you can check
this chart for some overview:

It may not look like that, but huggle is very effective, compared to
twinkle or other tools which are being used by thousands of users,
huggle is typically used only by less than ten users daily on english
wikipedia, but reverts almost same amount of vandalism as twinkle and
such (some days even more). That makes its users hundreds times more
effective than users of other tools.

Huggle is currently being developed primarily only by me, Adam
Shorland (addshore) and few other devs:

If anyone of you were interested in helping us, wanted to contribute
or just find out more about that, me and Adam will be at Hackaton so
don't hesitate to contact us there! Huggle3 is not just all about C++
it contains embedded python interpreter and can be extended with
Python and C++/C extensions.

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