Hi everyone,

We've been talking about the HTML templating RFC since the Architecture
Summit in January. And in the Mobile quarterly review the other day,
they said - see
- that they would love a decision soon. So it seems like we ought to
figure it out so it can get off the RfC docket. :-)



I think this is what's up: Many developers like the work that Matt and
Gabriel have been doing on Knockoff, but we're currently lacking all of
the pieces necessary to make a final call. Some folks were testing it
out and need to report back to the list with their verdicts. In the
meantime, some developers (such as the Mobile and Flow teams) have
short-term needs that can't wait up for Knockoff to become a complete
solution, and so are working out interim standardizations outside of
this mailing list so that they can move forward while Knockoff work
continues. (Not sure what all of them are.)

Is this about right? Should I be saying Knockoff or Knockout? Can I put
the RfC decision meeting on the calendar for next week? :-)

Sumana Harihareswara
Senior Technical Writer
Wikimedia Foundation

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