This is probably my first time to post on wikitech-l.  I am Moushira, a new
community liaison for mobile projects, I would like to share an update for
a new feature that is ready for deployment.   This January, Jon Katz
announced a new feature in development
and after nearly two months, Extension:Gather
<> is now ready for beta
launch scheduled for Monday.  The feature will be enabled for logged in
users on the English Wikipedia mobile website, who have their mobile beta
features activated  [1].  There is a list of FAQ
<> which includes
information on usability and moderation, and you are welcome to add more
questions to it :).

The Extension will keep the name Gather and internally the team was more
inclined to name the feature "Stacks". However, a survey study has been
carried out by the design research team and Collections, as a name for a
feature, scored far better than the other suggested alternatives.  Full
survey information and results are documented here

There are different scenarios for how this feature can be used, either for
subjective personal collections, or for broader use. This Beta test will
help us discover what resonates. One idea we hope to explore is engaging
editors via themed competitions using collections of articles one has
edited on a particular topic (such as medicine). We are also interested to
see how this tool can be used by WikiProjects, WLM, or the education
program. We encourage you to play around with the feature and let us know
how you're using it!

This is a new experiment in content curation, which hopefully helps with
learning new users behavior on mobile web. We are looking forward to
learning awesome lessons from this beta launch.

All the best,
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