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> Hey all,
> This is a reminder that AjaxDispatcher and the Sajax js library have been
> deprecated for a while now (many years). They are still around due to them
> having been exempted from our deprecation policy – this because these
> features (as well as their deprecation) predate the existence of this
> policy and are part of our legacy stack.
> I'd like to propose their removal in MediaWiki 1.26.0. This is expected to
> release in November 2015 [1] for third-parties. For Wikimedia sites we'd
> drop it in June 2015 halfway our 1.26wmf branch cycle. Well after 1.25wmf22
> [2], and shortly after the Lyon Hackathon. [4]
That's soon, really soon. I have no love for this code but are we sure that
we can fix that list of extensions below in time? Well I know we can, but
we actually going to?

We've been talking about it for years now, as you point out ;-)

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