Sorry for late question. I guess we should deprecate wfWaitForSlaves() and
probably some other methods that still use this logic


On Tue, Sep 6, 2016 at 11:22 AM Aaron Schulz <> wrote:

> As of 950cf6016c, the mediawiki/core repo was updated to use DB_REPLICA
> instead of DB_SLAVE, with the old constant left as an alias. This is part
> of a string of commits that cleaned up the mixed use of "replica" and
> "slave" by sticking to the former. Extensions have not been mass
> converted. Please use the new constant in any new code.
> The word "replica" is a bit more indicative of a broader range of DB
> setups*, is used by a range of large companies**, and is more neutral in
> connotations.
> Drupal and Django made similar updates (even replacing the word "master"):
> *
> * &
> I don't plan on doing anything to DB_MASTER, since it seems fine by itself,
> like "master copy", "master tape" or "master key". This is analogous to a
> master RDBMs database. Even multi-master RDBMs systems tend to have a
> stronger consistency than classic RDBMs slave servers, and present
> themselves as one logical "master" or "authoritative" copy. Even in it's
> personified form, a "master" database can readily be thought of as
> analogous to "controller",  "governer", "ruler", lead "officer", or such.**
> * clusters using two-phase commit, galera using certification-based
> replication, multi-master circular replication, ect...
> **
> ***
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> -Aaron
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