<quote name="Greg Grossmeier" date="2016-09-20" time="15:29:30 -0700">
> In an effort to reduce surprises and potential mishaps it is now
> required to include any long running tasks in the deployment
> calendar[0].

To clarify: This does *not* mean that no other deploys can happen at the
same time. Other deploys *can* happen (as they did before), but this
provides a method for those running the long running tasks to
communicate to deployers and vice-versa.

Deployers/those running the long running task are encouraged to use the
"Changes" section of the deployment calendar to communicate any gotchas
or other information valuable to other deploys/opsen.

Of course, if the long running task does imply no other deploys (not
terribly common) then that would be coordinated appropriately.


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