= 2016-09-21 =

== Product ==
=== Editing ===
==== Collaboration ====
* Blocking
* Blocked
** Services is working with us on the ReviewStream feed we're developing.
* Updates
** Continued work on MessagePoster.  PageTriage change to use it up, but
not merged yet
** Fixed moderation (e.g. when a page or topic is deleted) of Echo
** Some other Echo changes, such as to how seen time works, GENDER i18n,
and to the page-linked notification

==== Language ====
* Blocked: none
* Blocking: none
* Updates:
** Content Translation work continue; templates and other fixes.
** Jessie migration for Apertium is scheduled on October first week.

==== Parsing (Subbu not attending because of a conflict) ====
* Blocked: Parsoid's native <gallery> implementation is blocked on getting
feedback from the VE team.
* Patches in gerrit to parse language variant markup in Parsoid -- need to
resolve a few questions before we can deploy this
* Magic-word based optout of global user pages merged (__NOGLOBAL__)
* Kunal has filed an RFC to remove magic link functionality in the parser:
* Evaluation ongoing of a (already merged in core) PHP version of a HTML5
parser (as a potential replacement for Tidy).

=== Community Tech ===
* No blockers
* Copyvio tools for French Wikipedia
* More performance testing in hopes to get PageAssessments deployed to
English Wikipedia
* Education Programs Dashboard
* Changes to CentralAuth for cross-wiki watchlists
* Investigating work on improving blocking and harassment prevention tools

=== Reading ===

==== Reading Web ====
* Current sprint:
    * Preparing to enable hovercards ab test in italian and russian
    * Preparing to enable related articles in mobile in more wikis
    * Lazy images blog post
* Next sprint:
* Enable related articles in mobile in more wikis

==== Mobile Content Service (MCS) ====
* Getting the aggregated feed endpoint working on Beta Cluster since feed
aggragation happens in RB now.

==== Android native app ====
* Current sprint:
* Next sprint:
* Released to beta Monday 9/19.  Plan is to get feedback, fix bugs, and
release nav overhaul to the stable app by EOM.

==== iOS native app ====
* Current release board:
** In regression
** Expected to be released Sept 21

* Next release board:
** In progress
** MIgrating iOS Feed over to the MCS
** Adding In the news and a local notification
** Expected Delivery ~3 weeks

==== Reading Infrastructure =====
* no

=== Fundraising Tech ===
* Almost done getting rid of ActiveMQ!
* Fixing CentralNotice db calls for strict mode
* More refinements to CiviCRM contact de-duplication

=== RelEng ===
* Blocking
** no
* Blocked
** wmf.18 load-time regression
* Updates
** Skipping wmf.19 entirely due to undiagnosed load-time regression
*** Tentative plan is to cut wmf.20 and deploy to group0 today and, if all
goes well, adjust the remainder of this week's schedule accordingly
** Completed Beta Cluster database migration to jessie/MariaDB 10 yesterday
** Reminder: no deploys week of Sept 26th
** Reminder: no train week of Oct 17th (but SWATs OK)

=== Analytics ===
* Blocking: None
* Blocked: None
* Updates:
** New AQS cluster is up! Massive reduction of latency. We'll increase the
throttling threshold.
** Public Event Streams: Finalized Kasocki prototype. Considering using
server side events / streaming instead of web-sockets.
** Edit history reconstruction: Some improvements on the quality of data,
still a couple issues to fix.
** Pivot (druid based UI): More work on productionizing it using
** A/B testing design - Evaluating feasibility of design ideas.
** Nuria participated in the Technology off-site, very productive.

=== Technical Operations ===
* '''Blocking'''
** None
* '''Blocked'''
** None
* Updates
** TechOps offsite happening week of Sept 25 (last week of quarter), please
work around this for deployments
** Will not be able to attend SoS for the same reason
** Puppet migration complete
** Varnish upload cluster upgraded to version 4. There are some caveats,
but looking good
** Apertium migration to Jessie scheduled for Oct 3
** OpenStackManager in wikitech is being deprecated. There will be
information coming your way in the next weeks.

=== Security ===
* Patch deployed for CentralAuth on monday; let us know if you experience
* Will follow-up on Youdao review (
* Catching up on e-mail, Gerrit, and Phab traffic from last week

=== Services ===
* Blocking: none
* Blocked: none
* Updates:
** Huge RESTBase deployment, VE now usable on undeleted articles
** Change-Prop: separated transclusions topics - decrease user visibility
of lagging
** Trending service planning with reading
** Bad articles stream planning

=== Discovery ===
* No blockers
* Analyzing BM25 A/B test, if results are positive deployment will be
somewhere early October
* Working on multiwiki indexes, public comments sought at:
* Working on file properties indexing (size, type, dimensions, etc.)
* WDQS servers on codfw deployed, looking into how to add them to
production setup
* Portal: updated portal strings to "Read Wikipedia in your language" and
language wiki descriptions.

== Wikidata ==
* Blocker: Can not connect to the Hangout on Get
error "HJR: 2-RNF".
* No other ;-) blockers at the moment.
* Making usage information (which page on which wiki uses which Wikidata
entity) visible to users:
* Introduced batching in the job that notifies wikis about changes on,
* Working on cleaning up several dependencies on legacy stuff in core, e.g.
* Pushing multi content revisions forward.
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