== Product ==
=== Reading ===
Goals section:

==== iOS native app ====
Current Release Build:
Since we last met:

   - * Notification UI is complete

   - * Feed based off of MCS and persisting to YapDatabase is almost

   - * Bug fixes & event logging fixes landed

   - * Working with Apple on fixing Siri integration

Before we meet again:
    * Connect notification UI to data source - enable notifications
    * Add notifications preferences to onboarding & feed
    * Release a beta
No blockers

==== Android native app ====
* Current sprint (
    * Start on Q2 goals for Wikidata descriptions
    * v2.4.158 beta coming soon
    * Alpha builds fixed
    * CI screenshot regression testing
    * Languages with three letter codes enabled
* Next sprint:
    * More Q2 goals...

==== Mobile Content Service (MCS) ====
* adding a few more languages to feed endpoints (mainly news, maybe TFA):
Sv, Fr
* next gen of content endpoint: references only endpoint
* updated scap3 deploy host from tin to generic deployment server name

==== Reading Web ====
Since last met:
    * Wrapped up the remaining sprint work
Until the next time we meet:
    * Fix some Event Logging issues with Hovercards
    * Move lead section before the infobox on mobile
    * Clean up the old language button
Blocked on:
    * We need input from the Performance team regarding "UC Mini should not
be supported by ResourceLoader" (

==== Reading Infrastructure ====
* no blocking
* blocked on WMDE adding query modification hooks to
WatchedItemQueryService which can replicate

=== Community Tech ===

=== Editing ===
==== Collaboration ====
* Blocking: Hopefully nobody?
* Blocked:
** disagrements between Collab
(Stephane), Analytics (Otto) and Services (Marko, Petr) about approach,
probably going to organize a meeting
* Update:
** Flow beta feature was disabled on all wikis due to breakage. Slowly
re-enabling now, beginning with frwikiquote today
** UI standardization improvements in Echo, thanks Volker!
** Fixing some small bugs in PageTriage

==== Language ====
* Blocked:
** Help with is needed, this

=== Discovery ===

== Technology ==
=== Analytics ===
*Not blocking nor blocked
    Recruiting - Still screening, tasks sent to some applicants.
    Pivot (UI over Druid, analytics datastore) is now available behind LDAP
- Fast access to pageviews (more datasets to come)
    Kasocki - Discution around using SocketIO,WebSockets or SSE (in ticket:
    We started work to replace last instance of Limn by Dashiki (limn1)
    Old aqs machines are now spares.

=== Services ===
* Blocked: none
* Blocking: none
* Updates:
    ** Node 4.6.0 security release: please test your services.

=== Architecture / ArchCom ===
* Last week (E287): Magic Links deprecation:
* This week (E316): CREDITS file:

=== Release Engineering ===
* Blocking:
** nobody
* Blocked:
** Ops: looking at throttle rate for nodepool/Openstack (
* Updates:
** Reminder: RelEng at offsite in DC next week. No train deploys. Other
deploys (like SWAT) ok.

=== Security ===

=== Services ===

=== Technical Operations ===

== Wikidata ==
* No blockers.
* Working on new network graph and diagram renderers for the Wikidata Query
* Working on referencing entities on foreign Wikibase repositories (Commons
will reference Wikidata items):
* Expanding client side integration with new Lua and parser formatter
* We heard people being busy keeping up with changes in core (stuff being
deprecated and removed). Not all are happy with the frequency breaking
changes are done currently.

== Fundraising Tech ==
* Winter is coming... Annual reminder to please postpone risky rollouts
till after December's fundraising campaign
* One CentralNotice bug closed, one still happening:
** Andrew's pretty sure it's a MessageCache thing
** Added logging, got some logs from the beta cluster
** Getting some help from Aaron and Timo, but any other suggestions are
* Cleaning up any remaining references to ActiveMQ
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