This week is chock full of updates from Discovery. As always, feedback and
questions are welcome.

= Discussions =

== Search ==
* Updated the search results page because the content overflows page
boundaries [1]
* Add accent squashing to Russian/Cyrillic analyser (with tests) [2]
* Fixed Cyrillic 'Е' and 'Ё' equivalence not found by search [3]
* Decided on the outcome of the recent BM25 A/B test, what our next steps
on using BM25 will be [4]
* Fixed issue where the search page content overflows the page boundaries
on various browsers [5]
* Updated where users prefer pages in their language in multilingual wikis

Search tickets completed this week, but awaiting next train in order to be
deployed: Oct 25, 2016:
* Put SITENAME in search box placeholder "searchsuggest-search" like in
MobileFrontend's "mobile-fronted-placeholder [7]
* Integrate "did you mean" data collection into search satisfaction schema

== Analysis ==
* Completed analysis of the results of BM25 AB test (final report) [9] [10]
* Search results page: how many visitors are on mobile vs desktop [11] -
Mikhail ran a hive query for the last couple of weeks and discovered:
* Analyze the variance of user-agent's, country, and other useful metrics
of google referred traffic with and without a search query available in
referrer [12]
** this was to analyze what the difference is between the requests that
have a search term in the query and those that do not, to determine if
those queries could be used as a representative sample. Turns out, they're
not relevant at all.
* Investigate recent spike in pageviews on portal page [13]
** there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of page views since
middle of Sep 2016 to the portal--it turns out that this increase is due to
various issues: school starting up again, increasing bot traffic, and
possibly several agencies/companies that might have loaded 'golden' copies
of software onto their employees phones that have as the
default home page of their Android phone browsers.

== Portal ==
* Updated articles by languages [14]
* Centered 'the free encyclopedia' phrase on mobile devices [15]
* Fixed the language link that broke unevenly [16]
* Updated the portal text to use the new, approved shade of blue (partially
completed) [17]
* Fixed where `.lang-list-button` doesn't feature focus state [18]

Portal updates that need code review:
* update logo for new branding guidelines [19]
* add information for Wikipedia / Wikimedia apps availability [20]

== Interactive ==
* Maps with geoshapes now have a link to Wikidata item or query in the
bottom attribution text (i.e.: externalData should show up as data source
in credits) [21]
* Migrated all map usage from "href" to "service" external data (about 50
pages) [22]
* Simplified (and normalized) ExternalData parsing in Kartographer [23]
* Geoshapes service URL is hardcoded [24]
* Refactor data loader into a separate lib, as both Kartotherian (snapshot)
and Kartographer need identical functionality, for a given map, we need to
provide a fully expanded (no externalData) GeoJSON [25]
* Fixed where failed ExternalData requests result in all maps on page being
completely broken [26]
* Set "maxzoom" to 14 on osm.tm2source, based on community feedback [27]
* Defined KPIs and other interesting maps statistics about how we would
like to gather to track and improve maps [28]
* Ensure Maps servers can be installed easily (automation + documentation)
* maps-test* hosts running low on space [30]
* Updated to postgresql 9.4.9 on all maps servers [31]
* Created a pipeline for supplying data to static map service (Here is a
sample URL) [32] [33]
* Error "Maximum zoom is 18" (updated logging to be an 'info' message
rather than an error) [34]
* Fixed where the Sparql-based externalData maps are broken [35]

Interactive tickets completed this week, but awaiting next train in order
to be deployed: Oct 25, 2016:
* <mapframe> maximize button sometimes doesn't work [36]
* buildHtml() should parse messages in parser output language [37]

= Other Noteworthy Stuff =
* The Search team created a new ticket to note what will be 'live' in
production during the next full re-indexing: [Recurring task] CirrusSearch:
what is updated during re-indexing [38]
* Request for translation sent for Update CirrusSearch documentation [39]



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