Google Code-in 2016 has been announced: A contest for 13-17 year old
students. While we wait for Wikimedia to get accepted:

Take those 10 minutes to find (or update) some Phabricator tasks in
your project(s) that would take an experienced contributor 2-3 hours.

* Do you have small, self-contained bugs you'd love to get fixed?
* Does your documentation need improvements?
* Does your user interface have small design issues?
* Does your Outreachy/Summer of Code project welcome small tweaks?
* Would you enjoy helping someone port your template to Lua?
* Does your gadget use some deprecated API calls?
* Do you have tasks in mind that welcome some research?

We have nearly 600 open "easy" tasks listed:
Are the tasks in your area clear enough and still valid?
And can you imagine helping a young person fix some of these tasks?

* Add the project "Google-Code-in-2016" and a comment in Phabricator
  tasks that you would mentor those tasks.
* Tasks are welcome in five areas: Code; Outreach/Research; 
  Documentation/Training; Quality Assurance; User Interface.
* Add yourself to the table of mentors on the wikipage.
* Make sure the task description provides pointers to help the student.
* "Beginner tasks" (e.g. "Set up Vagrant"?) also very very welcome!
* "Generic" tasks also welcome (e.g. "Choose and fix 2 UI messages
  from the task list in ").

For complete info about Google Code-in, check

Unsure about quality of contributions in GCI and effort? Please read

Please ask if you have questions. Happy to help!

See you in Google Code-in!

Andre Klapper | Wikimedia Bugwrangler

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