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> Hi, the Wikimedia Foundation has published a draft of its Annual Plan
> FY2017-18
> <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Foundation_Annual_Plan/2017-2018/Draft>
> and it welcomes your review.
> I want to highlight here the improvements that we are proposing to the
> developer events (co)organized by the WMF. From local to global:
> The Technical Collaboration team proposes to combine multiple activities
> (often disconnected) in a single program focusing on onboarding new
> developers
> <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Foundation_Annual_Plan/2017-2018/Draft/Programs/Community_Engagement#Program_12:_Onboarding_new_developers>.
>  We
> want to work with the Wikimedia technical community to bring a new wave of
> developers to our projects, and events play an important role.
> Local developer events
> We want to support developers and organizations willing to reach out to
> specific groups and geographies. We are hoping to see many local developer
> meetups and small hackathons or workshops around the World, starting small
> and simple. We should be able to offer introductory materials, contacts
> with Wikimedia developers in the region, maybe travel budget to send
> experienced volunteers to help mentoring the in the bigger events, maybe
> travel budget to invite the best newcomers to our regional and global
> events.
> Adding tech to regional Wikimedia events
> Last year we experimented organizing technical workshops in WikiArabia,
> and others have done similar efforts in other regional events (for
> instance, a small hackathon next to WikiConference India). We want to work
> with the organizers of these regional events in order to attract
> experienced Wikimedia developers and newcomers, organize developer
> activities, and also improve the collaboration between the technical and
> non-technical contributors in these regions.
> Better retention of newcomers at the Wikimedia and Wikimania hackathons
> Although we don't expect major changes in the organization of the
> Wikimedia Hackathon and the hackathon at Wikimania, we want to focus better
> on new developers onboarding and retention. In every Hackathon we meet many
> new developers, but the retention rates are very low. We want to review
> what we can do before, during, and after these apparently successful events
> in order to retain newcomers better. One hypothesis is that we should focus
> call for participation, scholarships, and Wikimedia Foundation
> participation in providing a great experience to new volunteers who have
> gone through local and regional events, and also "junior" developers coming
> from wiki projects through the development of bots, gadgets, tools,
> templates.
> A smaller and more focused Wikimedia Developer Summit
> After some discussions between Community Engagement, Technology, and
> Product, we have decided to propose a different approach for the Wikimedia
> Developer Summit. Organized by the Technology department as part of their 
> technical
> community building
> <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Foundation_Annual_Plan/2017-2018/Draft/Programs/Technology#Program_4:_Technical_community_building>
> efforts, we want the Summit to finally become the venue where the toughest
> technical problems are discussed between the stakeholders directly related.
> We want to reduce the size/budget of the event, separate it from the WMF
> AllHands,

Due to travel budget considerations, the Summit still might be connected to
the WMF AllHands.

> and define its main themes well in advance.
> A Program Committee <https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T160996> would
> decide these main themes to be discussed at the Summit. We also want to
> explore the possibility of tackling some of these themes at the Wikimedia
> Hackathon and Wikimania, where we could get most stakeholders involved with
> just a little extra effort (since many of them would be attending anyway).
> We believe that this approach will serve better the Wikimedia technical
> community that we have, and also the the community that we want to have,
> with a new wave of developers joining our various projects.
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