thanks to Brad for the information regarding the discrepancies between the actual numbers fetched from the API and the Statistics which stem from a dedicated (but not necessarily sync) table.


initSiteStats.php --update --active --use-master

solved most issues. Since I do not own the Wiki nor have access to the system I politely asked the Admin to do so.

What remains is a gap between the number of edits/revisions from the statistics page and the numbers I get when iterating ov6er the pages and fetching queries via:


The number of pages and users do match- so Iam sure I do not miss any pages.

Statistics report 37660 revisions, querying via API over all pages sums up to 32659, thus missing 5001 revisions.

Running initSiteStats.php did also update the Statistics report from 46329 to 37660.

=> Is my assumpting correct that the sum of all Revisions queried via api.php?action=query&prop=revisions&pageids= should match the statistics number of revisions? => At first I also queried for content which resulted in 968 cases where I lacked permissions to query. So I omitted the content for test purposes. But this did not solve the problem. => What is the difference between continue=|| and rvcontinue=123456? Until now I have only been using rvcontinue. Including continue did not make a difference, but I could not find out what the meaning of continue=|| is.

Thank you (again) for your time and support.

Best Wishes,


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