Hi all, I'm RazeSoldier.

I sent this email because mwExtUpgrader has released a beta version. But you're 
sure to wonder what mwExtUpgrader is?

mwExtUpgrader is I developed and it is a tool for batch upgrade MediaWiki 
extensions. This is interactive command line script written in PHP. I believe 
many people are updated one by one via ExtensionDistributor[1], without git. 
This script can help operator who do not intend to use git to manage version 
but feel a headache when upgrading their MediaWiki installation. Although, it 
is to batch replace old files as new files and it will not run update.php to 
update the database schema.

This script works looks good for me, but it still needs to be test by the 
public. Please test it, but note that this release of code is not stable. Do 
not use for production. You can copy your installation directory to your home 
directory, to test it.

[Beta release PHAR archive download link] 

[Source code] https://github.com/RazeSoldier/mwExtUpgrader


== link ==
[1] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:ExtensionDistributor

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