TL;DR see <> for a proposed
naming change.

I proposed in Phabricator a wile ago [0] that we adopt the term
"Wikimedia developer account" across our wikis and other documentation
for the LDAP-backed user accounts that are created using

These same sign-on credentials are used for:
* Gerrit
* Phabricator (optionally)
* ssh-based "shell access" to Toolforge and Cloud VPS servers
* a variety of web services providing access to operational and
analytics data related to the Wikimedia services

There are plans [1][2] in various stages of progress to change things
about how developer accounts are created and managed. Breaking
assumptions in our documentation about the back-end storage system
(LDAP) and the front-end management interface (wikitech) will help
make these changes less disruptive. It also helps remove another
lingering "labs" reference that the Cloud Services rebranding efforts
have been trying to address.

This change probably has almost no impact on existing technical
community members. It is really just targeted at making things a bit
less confusing for newcomers.

If you have thoughts or concerns about this proposal, please describe
them on the Phabricator task [0]. I'm proposing that on or about March
23rd (4 weeks from the date of this message) the comments on the task
will be evaluated for consensus and an approve/deny decision.


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