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Is your organization interested in hosting and co-organizing the 2019
Wikimedia Hackathon? We are looking for proposals!

Details about the decision process can be found here:



Details about what it takes to organize a hackathon can be found here:




    We are open & encouraging to bids from anywhere, but locations
outside of Europe will be given extra weight as we are also holding a
hackathon at Wikimania in Sweden in 2019.

    Focus areas will be defined much further in advance, however
participants can work on whatever they like related to Wikimedia Tech
/ Development.

    This hackathon will be less heavily focused on newcomer
onboarding, which is much more effectively done on a smaller local
level. Instead,it  is meant to be a well-facilitated and organized
meeting space for groups and most active volunteers in the developer
community to collaborate face to face, with appropriate representation
of Foundation, affiliates and volunteers to discuss the future of
Wikimedia technologies in depth. We will still aim for newcomer
support and onboarding for the local region where the event is held.

Ideally we will announce the host for 2019 by the end of April. If
multiple chapters or organizations are interested, we hope to work
together to figure out the the best solution.

Any organizations interested in hosting should please create a
Phabricator ticket and associate it with the Developer-Relations
project. Srishti and I are happy to assist in creating the ticket if

Examples: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T162836,

Include as much information as possible from: proposing a hackathon

Please email me at rfarr...@wikimedia.org with any questions or
concerns. The decision committee will comment directly on the
Phabricator task if any questions come up.  I am not on the chapters@
list, so if there is anything that I should respond to, make sure to
keep me on CC.  Also please forward this email anywhere you think it
might be useful.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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