Sending a copy to wikitech-l, because this is a little bit more generic
than "just" MediaWiki.


the first one means you have something in /etc/git-review/git-review.conf,
which is probably unneeded. I suggest you to delete that file. On my
system, it doesn't exist.

The second one is caused by Gerrit update. Upstream kept refs/publish/*
working, because they know git-review is using that ref. I think that as
soon as git-review developers fixes this and you will upgrade, the warning
will disappear.


Ășt 12. 6. 2018 v 0:51 odesĂ­latel Huji Lee <> napsal:

> Every time I submit a patch to gerrit using the git review command, I get
> two warning messages that I ignore. I just want to make sure that I can
> continue to safely ignore them (or else, how to get rid of them).
> The first one says:
> Using global/system git-review config files
> (/etc/git-review/git-review.conf) is deprecated
> The second one says:
> remote: Pushing to refs/publish/* is deprecated, use refs/for/*
> instead.
> Thanks,
> Huji
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