Thank you for this. I have tried setting my own custom key-value pair (e.g. 
using $this->getRequest()->setVal( 'reasonConfirm', 1 );    ), but I cannot 
seem to retrieve it when the page reloads. I've tried both getVal (returns null 
every time) and getInt (always returns '0') to no avail. Is there a special way 
to set your own custom variables?

Interestingly, I have also noticed that my return $this-msg() text is no longer 
displaying at all. When my validation callback is triggered, only the top 
"There are problems with some of your input." appears. I have checked en.json 
and can confirm that the message that should be displayed is still present and 
is properly formatted.


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MediaWiki coding conventions is to use the WebRequest object.

In the context of a SpecialPage subclass, you would probably do
$this->getRequest()->getVal( 'reason' );   [Note: This combines both POST
and GET values]

for more details.


On Tue, Oct 1, 2019 at 7:51 PM John Shepherd <> wrote:

> Is there a “special” way in mediawiki to get parameters passed by URL 
> or do you just use the conventional PHP way ($_GET)? I am trying to 
> check if “Special:CreateAccount?reason=“ is set/has a value (and what that 
> value is).
> Thank you for your assistance, trying to be convention compliant.
> -TheSandDoctor
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