Hi there,

Hope I've found the correct list for asking this question.

I was setting up a CI test case for my MediaWiki Client Library to run a bot 
that will upload a file to https://en.wikipedia.beta.wmflabs.org in chunked 
stash mode. For most of the time, when I perform the final upload with filekey 
parameter, I will receive a fileexists-no-change error from the MW API server. 
This is expected, as there is already a same file with the same title on the 
site. However, today I received backend-fail-alreadyexists. The error message 
looks like

backend-fail-alreadyexists: The file 
 already exists.

Does this error usually occurs when user tries to upload the same file? What's 
the difference between fileexists-no-change and backend-fail-alreadyexists?


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