Over the US holiday weekend, PHP 7.4.0 final was released, and so I've made
it available in Wikimedia CI as an experimental job.[0]

Although it will generally work as a drop-in replacement for PHP 7.3.x
testing, because of the breadth and depth of our code bases it's likely
that there will be some issues; there are already some known problems with
MediaWiki core and extensions.[1]

If you and other owners of your codebase wants to enable PHP74, you can run
'check experimental' on a patch in gerrit to see if it passes already.

If it does pass, enabling it is pretty trivial (e.g. for Parsoid it worked
immediately[2]) – just file a quite Phabricator task on
#Continuous-Integration-Config[3] and we'll get it done. If your codebase
doesn't work in PHP74 yet, drop into #wikimedia-dev or #wikimedia-tech IRC
and there are a number of us that'd be happy to help.

If you have any questions or concerns, please shout out so I can help get
them fixed for you.


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