I'm happy to announce that v0.26.0 of the Wikimedia JavaScript coding
<> tool
<> is now out.

The previous version, v0.25.1, came out in May 2023, and there have been a
few improvements since then:

Probably the 'noisiest' changes for repos are altering the
template-curly-spacing rule to require spacing, and altering the brace-style
rule to remove the allowSingleLine exception; these changes align these
outliers to the rest of the whitespace rules.

As part of the work migrating the Wikimedia world from jsduck to jsdoc, the
@ignore, @internal, and @stable tags are now listed as definedTags by
default and so won't needed to be added on a per-project basis.

We've upgraded each of the plugins, which have added or updated a few
rules, and started testing in Node 20. This will be the final release that
supports Node 14. You can read the whole changelog
for full details.

The new release is available and you can upgrade to it immediately; sadly
the LibUp automatic upgrader tool is offline
<>, so it may take some time for
all repos to switch.

If you think a change should be made to our standards, please suggest them
on the discussion page on MediaWiki
<> so
they can be discussed and implemented.

Thanks to Ed Sanders, Roan Kattouw, Bartosz DziewoƄski, and first time
contributor MusikAnimal for their work

*James D. Forrester* (he/him <> or they/themself
Wikimedia Foundation <>
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