PHP 8.3.0 was released last month, and so I've made it available in
Wikimedia Gerrit's CI as an experimental job.[0]

This means on repos tested with PHP, you can run 'check experimental' to
trigger a run. However, there are a number of known blockers preventing us
making these tests 'voting', including blockers for PHP 8.2.[1] If you find
a blocker, please check the existing project[2] and file a task if it's
new. General focus will likely be on PHP 8.2 as voting for MediaWiki code

For PHP extensions and libraries, it appears that all those which worked
with PHP 8.2 also pass their tests on PHP 8.3, so I've enabled it as voting
there already.[4]

If you and the other owners of your codebase want to enable PHP 8.3, you
can file a quick Phabricator task on #Continuous-Integration-Config[5] and
we'll get it done.

If you have any questions or concerns, please shout out so I can help get
them fixed for you.


*James D. Forrester* (he/him <> or they/themself
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