Thanks everyone for all the info, pointers and comments!
@Subbu: Indeed that was the one I read about, thanks!
@Thiemo: What I'm thinking of is a *gadget*, so it would be available on
Wikimedia wikis (and any other) but only for users that choose to enable it
(similar to my gadget MiniEdit <>).

The gadget would allow its users to highlight some text and publish a
comment to the talk page along with the highlighted text and parent
paragraph (for context). Like so:

In ancient times, the use of solar energy was believed to have existed in
> civilizations amidst the Greeks
> <>, Romans
> <> and the Chinese
> <>, though not for cooking.[3]
> <>

Did it exist or not? The source says it did, so if no objections are
raised, I'll remove this.

Only users with the gadget enabled would be able to see the highlighted
text and comment in the article itself. The rest would only see it in the
talk page.

Because of the way I'm thinking the gadget would work, if the wikitext/HTML
of the parent paragraph changes (for example because the issue got fixed),
then the comment would stop showing in the article to users with the gadget
enabled. This is because the wikitext/HTML of the paragraph itself would
act as the anchor or identifier that would allow the gadget to know where
to insert the comment. This may be sub-optimal in some cases, but it's the
only way I can think of doing it without having the gadget insert things
into the wikitext of the article (which would be a definitive no-no). In
any case, the comments would always be available in the talk page.

To be honest though, some of your comments have made me question if this
could be useful, but I think given the way it would work, and considering
it would be an optional gadget that won't be available to random visitors,
it should be harmless, and time will tell if it ever becomes popular. I'm
working on a crude prototype and will share it shortly. Any insights, ideas
or comments are welcome!

Kind regards,

On Sun, Dec 10, 2023 at 11:28 PM Subramanya Sastry <>

> On 12/8/23 03:12, Felipe Schenone wrote:
> > Hi! I'm thinking on writing a gadget to add inline comments to
> > articles, similar to how Google Docs comments work.
> >
> > However, I'm sure I recently read somewhere about someone developing
> > an extension or something with the same goal, but now I can't find it
> > anywhere. Anyone knows?
> may be what you heard about?
> Subbu.
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