Hello all,

I'd like to talk about the default gallery settings, and the technical 
feasibility of updating them.  By default in MediaWiki, they are 120 pixel 
height, 120 pixel width:
* https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgGalleryOptions

This is, in retrospect, too small.  It's fine for something like a gallery of 
simple images that display well at low resolutions like flags, but it's 
woefully undersized for the far more common case of detailed artwork, 
photographs, screenshots, etc.  Many other user-facing websites have adopted to 
show larger pictures when possible, backed by consumer studies.  Other wikis 
often increase the default gallery size.  200x200 would be a better default (or 
possibly even larger!).

What would be required to merge a change of this?  Ideally for all WMF projects 
on MediaWiki, or all Wikipedias, but the English language edition of Wikipedia 
would also work.  There's an old Phabricator ticket filed in 2012 (!) asking 
for permission to increase the Hebrew Wikipedia default gallery size:
* https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T43712

And judging by the file currently used, it seems Swedish Wikipedia already has 
a larger size:

However, I was warned that it's possible the default image thumbnailer might 
need to be updated to create thumbnails at whatever the new default is.  
There's a 2013 comment in the above Phabricator thread saying that different 
language editions shouldn't use different thumbnail sizes to prevent needlessly 
creating tons of files.  That said, this ship has already sailed - tons of 
galleries already custom-set larger sizes, and Module:Gallery on English 
Wikipedia even tries to use 180x180 as the default for when people use a 
template to create a Gallery.  More generally, what are the sizes of thumbnails 
already created by default?  If there's truly a desire to not create a new 
default image size, fine, let's set the gallery default to some value that's 
already being created (say, 220x220?).  That won't cause any additional load, 
then.  It might even reduce load, since fewer editors will feel the need to 
adjust gallery sizes upward manually to random bespoke sizes.

I'd like to get this change eventually merged in.  If there's anything else 
stopping just changing the above setting to a larger default, or stakeholders 
who'd need to be convinced, would be happy to hear feedback. 

(Context: We had a hacking night at the NYC Wikimedia chapter, and this list 
was recommended as a good place to take the temperature of this proposal. See
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Meetup/NYC/Hacking_Night_January_2024 .)

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