Dear Derick and team,

Thank you for the award—I am humbled by the recognition. This was an 
interesting rabbit hole to dive into and I was happy to see the optimisation 
deliver such tangible results after the initial investigation was concluded. 
Looking forward to see the next interesting Perf Hero story!

Best regards,
Máté Szabó (he/him/his)
Staff Software Engineer

> On 16 Jan 2024, at 09:45, Derick Alangi <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm happy to share that the next Web Perf Hero award (for 2023 Q4) goes to 
> TK-999, in recognition of their contributions, which made a huge positive 
> impact on the performance of Wikimedia software.
> TK-999 worked on improving MediaWiki’s autoloading mechanism 
> <> 
> ( specifically for classes which 
> have been namespaced, by including them in the classmap. This means our 
> autoloader will not spend significant amounts of time searching for files in 
> directories, but rather just do a direct lookup. This approach is 
> particularly optimized for speed and as a result, Wikipedia’s backend 
> response time gained a 20% increase in the portion of requests that complete 
> within 50ms.
> This award is given once a quarter, and manifests as a Phabricator badge. 
> More information and past recipients: 
> Phabricator badge:
> -- Derick Alangi, on behalf of the MediaWiki Platform Team
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