2011/7/26 Gabor Szabo <szab...@gmail.com>

> So I am wondering now. Have the world of Windows changed in the last
> several years
> and do people use the PowerShell? My guess is that the general public
> won't use it but
> do at least programmers, Windows sysadmins and the more technical people
> use it?

Only sysadmins really have interest in learning PowerShell.
I don't know about .NET developers. They could have some value in knowing
it, but I don't know the .NET community.

> I assume there are not many people on this list but I wonder what do you
> think?
> Is assuming knowledge of the PowerShell realistic?

What is your target audience?
Among the general Windows users, no.
Among developers on Windows (using Windows only as a desktop to work on
remote systems or OS independent applications), no.
Among .NET developers, I don't know.
PowerShell is still quite new and marketed only at Windows sysadmins.

Personally I still do my Windows desktop administration tasks with NT batch
files, WSH (JavaScript) and sometimes Perl (most of my Perl code is system
independent stuff).

> Is there a website or some forum with a lot of Windows developers where I
> might
> ask this question? Maybe even run a poll?

The Microsoft forums :
Microsoft Scripting Guys on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/ScriptingGuys

Olivier (dol...@cpan.org).

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