2012/11/13 Javier Marcon <javiermar...@gmail.com>

> Hello I installed Net::RabbitFoot (that uses AnyEvent) on Windows 2000
> (with a Strawberyperl installation) and it doesn't work, it gives this
> error:
> Can't use string ("") as a subroutine ref while "strict refs" in use at
> C:/straw
> berry/perl/site/lib/Coro/AnyEvent.pm line 147.

Line 147 of Coro::AnyEvent in Coro 6.10 is POD text, so I suspect that you
are not using the latest version. So try to upgrade this module first.

Which version of StrawberryPerl do you use?

> The same scripts in Ubuntu Linux work fine.

Check if you are using the same version of Perl and of each module
dependency (not just Coro).
You can use Devel::TraceUse to list all modules loaded by the script.


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