On 4.5.2013 20:12, Chris Marshall wrote:
I would like to make some module configuration files work with strawberry perl portable. Currently, the paths saved in config files are absolute which means if SPP is moved to another location, things break.

I see that Portable provides something like this. Is there a standard way to do the same for other configuration files and/or other modules? BTW, the specific files of interest at the moment are Prima::Config and PDL::Config.

Technically it is possible but IMO not easily.

There is no general portable magic, each thing you want to make portable needs some hacking.

There 2 crucial modules:

For let us say PDL::Config you need to
1/ create something like Portable::PDLConfig (probably very close to already existing Portable::Config)
2/ small changes to Portable::Dist

To make it clear I am not an author of the original idea I only somehow understand how it works. On the other hands I am a maintainer of both Portable::Dist + Portable so if you/we manage to put together some reasonable patches I can release it (+include into the next portable strawberry)


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