We have many reports related to problems with installing strawberry perl via MSI installer. Like troubles with installing on non-C: drive, troubles with installing on a machine completely without C: drive, some permission related issues etc.

I have prepared redesigned version of MSI (it is and made it available at http://strawberryperl.com/beta/ - visually it looks exactly as the old installer but guts changed a lot.

If you have experienced in past any troubles with MSI installer or if you can test it on a unusual machine (like one with system drive D: without drive C:) or if you can test it on a box with some unusual UAC settings - please get the latest beta from URL above and check if the MSI installer works for you.

In case of troubles run:
c:\anydir> msiexec /l*vx install.log /i strawberry-perl-
and send me install.log (off-list)

The second issue is related to our highly respected sponsor <ad> https://auditsquare.com </ad> as their security checker (even FREE version) reports a security warning related to strawberry perl installation. In short it says that PATH contains directories (c:\strawberry\c\bin c:\strawberry\perl\site\bin c:\strawberry\perl\bin) which are writable by too wide group of users (built-in Users or even Authenticated Users).

We currently do not explicitly set any filesystem ACL therefore C:\strawberry directory gets some ACL inherited from C:\ which is probably mostly fine but might be a trouble if you choose another directory (or another drive) which parent dir has some strange and/or unexpected ACL. I feel that our MSI should probably set some filesystem ACL on C:\strawberry (which is supported by WiX Toolset we use for MSI creation) but I am not sure what it should be (e.g. Administrators+SYSTEM/FullControl, Users/Read+Execute ?). Any ideas or preferably experiences with building MSI are welcome.


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