On 1.12.2014 16:23, Matthew Persico wrote:
I see that DBD::Oracle is now included in Strawberry. I'd like to see DBD::Sybase also included.

Well, I have included Oracle DB driver as it is IMO commercial DB No.1. I am not sure how popular Sybase DB is nowadays and how big is its user base (esp. among potential strawberry perl users).

The other think is that my Oracle DB related knowledge is quite good whereas I know literally nothing about Sybase DB.

I assume the steps to doing so are:

1) Identify a FREE downloadable client library package for Sybase, a'la Oracle Insta-client

Have you done some research in this area?

2) Build using Strawberry
One problem is that the make requires interaction. Is it a problem for your automation if the make prompts for input or can you ignore it?

Interaction has to be avoided (either by setting proper env variables or passing proper command line params to Makefile.PL/Build.PL).

The most important think is that we need DBD::Sybase to be built with gcc/mingw-w64 compiler (quite often various SDK's come only with *.lib libraries suitable for MSVC compiler).

And it also matters how many megabytes does DBD::Sybase add to strawberry perl.

3) Sumbit "something" to "someone" in order to include. This, of course, is where I need info. :-) Do I pull down a git, modify and create a pull request somewhere? Is there an FAQ on this I missed?

All modules bundled with strawberry perl are built from sources at "release build time". I am not in favor of including packages built by some else.

So there must be a functional unattended installation scenarion how to build DBD::Sybase with gcc/mingw-w64 (+ obviously some kind of Sybase client library)

And as you might guess the Sybase client library must be available for free and for both 32/64bit MS Windows.

Anyway, do not take this e-mail as a promise of any kind :)


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