I am sorry but I am not going to sign MSI packages anymore as I have no suitable signing code certificate.

I used to use a signing certificate issued by Certum CA (they have Opensource signing program for free) however their obstacles and bureaucracy reached some point at which I was not able to renew the certificate.

Certum helpdesk was not very helpful (quite the opposite) which maybe due to the fact that I am a non-paying "customer". Frankly speaking, based on my experience I would rather avoid using their services even as a commercial client.

Believe me I wasted a lot of time dealing with this issue and I simply decided to stop.


On 7.2.2015 6:20, Guitar Hero wrote:
I have downloaded two versions from your website. Version shows as revoked signature for k...@cpan.org <mailto:k...@cpan.org>. Version is not digitally signed.

3e47973d81f6cc087a652317e6c0409e343e539a *strawberry-perl-
ae0d63ab1d0b964c44638c63ddb87d67390b87f7 *strawberry-perl-
3566c2cbf891218614e8fd20b72a3b5e9f3a38aa *strawberry-perl-
3550ca5837e2494fee1601b3e31b573b5c41e967 *strawberry-perl-

Will you release a new version that is digitally signed (and valid)? I have a digital signature requirement before I install software. has a valid signature so I am using that version.


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