the following code (foo.pl) results in the error message mentioned in the 
subject line.

use Socket qw(:DEFAULT IPPROTO_TCP);


import Socket qw(/^(?:AI|NI|NIx|EAI)_/);

>perl foo.pl
Your vendor has not defined Socket macro AI_ADDRCONFIG, used at foo.pl line 6.

In case you are wondering where that code is from, it is from SpamAssassin's 
spamd. See 
 Because of this error, spamd cannot use IPv6 and falls back to IPv4 instead.

I am currently trying to understand the scope of the problem and what would be 
needed to be done to fix it. I would be grateful for any hints.



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JAM Software GmbH
Geschäftsführer: Joachim Marder
Am Wissenschaftspark 26 * 54296 Trier * Germany
Tel: 0651-145 653 -0 * Fax: 0651-145 653 -29
Handelsregister Nr. HRB 4920 (AG Wittlich) http://www.jam-software.de

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