It appears that this routine was added to mingw-w64 git
last year.  I don't know if it is in an official release yet...

On 6/21/2016 06:51, Chris Marshall wrote:
I can't find pthread_setname_np in any of the pthread*.h
files in my Strawberry Perl Portable v52211 which suggests
that it is not supported by the included pthread support.

It is possible that there might be an updated mingw with
that function included.  Another possibility is you could
port the usages of pthread_(set|get)_np to some other


On 6/21/2016 04:14, RAPPAZ Francois wrote:
Hi there

I'm trying to compile Cairo for perl (strawberry 5.24) on windows 7. I have download the package Cairo using msys64.

 From the CPAN/Build Cairo folder I have created the makefile with

perl INC="-IC:/strawberry/c/include/freetype2 -IC:/msys64/mingw32/include/cairo -IC:/msys64/mingw32/include -I. -I./build" LIBS="-Lc:/msys64/mingw32/lib" verbose

In the C:\msys64\mingw32\lib folder I have copied *.dll.a on *.a files to prevent undefined reference errors when running dmake, following someone's (Rob) suggestion on the mingw-users list.

dmake executes without error.

dmake test

fails with a msgbox "The procedure entry point pthread_setname_np could not be located in the dynamic link library libwinprthread-1.dll"
and in the console:
t/00-loading.t ....

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