I already mailed with some developers a few days ago. Basicly wether and in 
which way the wine logo can be used to communicate wine compatibility for 
software producers (this is already solved). 

For those who didn't read it, i copied a passage of the orig. mail:
In order to push the use of Open Source Software we plan a project with the 
"Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH" (I don't know whats the 
equivalent in english but its a public organization that promotes OSS and 
assists companies that resident in Stuttgart). Within this project we want to 
find software producers who pay us for a wine compatibility test of their 

This project is starting at the moment. I thought a good idea to give 
something back to the community is to provide some success stories i.e. for 
use on winehq.com. Is this interesting? If the answer is yes, who is 
responsible for something of the kind.


Stefan Munz

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