Francois Gouget wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Jim wrote:
> > Has anyone tried to port Wine to run on LINUX on an IBM mainframe? We
> > are running several LINUX virtual servers of different distributions and
> > would like to try running WINE. So far when I run the /tools/wineinstall
> > I get the error that I must add my CPU CONTEXT to WINNT.H.
>    AFAIK, no one has tried yet. Also you would not be able to run Intel
> Windows applications on an S390 because 'Wine Is Not an Emulator'. But
> you could use Winelib to recompile Windows applications for the S390.
>    Go ahead and be the first on your block to run Windows (Winelib
> really) applications on an IBM mainframe!

Well, actually I did try it some time back ...  

While I just did a quick hack, I got at least WineMine running.
Now that Winelib is a bit cleaned up (Sparc runs out of the box),
it would probably be not too difficult to properly implement S/390 
support, or in fact support for any 32-bit architecture (64-bit is 
an entirely different story).

I didn't pursue it further because I wasn't sure there's really
anybody interested in running Wine on S/390.  But if you'd like
to try it, I could certainly contribute the arch-specific patches.

[ B.t.w. I'm now working for IBM on the Linux for S/390 port.
  That's why I am quite familiar with the architecture ... ;-) ]


  Dr. Ulrich Weigand

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