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> ...IMHO the engine will (if it ever enters on main trunk....) stay
> disabled
> by default for long, long time. Having it to work ok to the same extent
> as is gdi32/winex11 now will take a lot of time and patches.
> ...

I haven't looked into your implementation in much detail (I need more hours
in a day, I swear), but would it be possible to pass all the stubs on so
that unimplemented functionality still works even if it's dog slow?  It'd be
nice if we could take advantage of the implemented features, still be able
to handle everything, and then spew a "FIXME: Help Wine run faster by
implementing this function in the DIB engine!" for features that are not
handled yet.  (yeah, yeah, I want my cake and be able to eat it too)

Erich Hoover

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