Reece Dunn wrote:
> Along similar lines, building on what Owen said in the talk that if
> all goes well Jane user will not notice that she is using Wine to run
> her Windows software: why is there an entry in the Applications
> section that says 'Wine' (and why does it have the folder icon and not
> the Wine icon)! It would be better if this said something like
> "Program Files", replacing Wine > Programs -- this removes a level of
> indirection and gives the user something that they are familiar with
> and is more discoverable than 'Wine'.

It has the Wine icon on Ubuntu.  Currently, it houses the Programs
submenu and 3 other menu items (Uninstall Wine Software, Configure Wine,
and Browse C:\ Drive).  Ideally, we'd get rid of all 3 of these:
Uninstall would be integrated into Add/Remove Programs, Configure Wine
would be done through system->preferences and by right click->properties
on applications, and Browse C:\ Drive would be in the Places menu.  Once
those are gone, then we can move things "up" one step - instead of
Applications->Wine->Programs, we'd just have Applications->Wine Programs.

One open question: what to do with Windows apps that don't put
themselves in Program Files, but rather put themselves at the top of the
start menu?

Scott Ritchie

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