On 11 July 2010 11:30, Seth Shelnutt <shelnu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Looking through the whole directx.c file I see what you mean. I'm not really
> sure there is any better way to do it then what it already done. It seems
> like it should be made more dynamic so everyone doesn't have to go hardcode
> in all the different graphic cards.

The way I understand the card detection stuff is that Wine "detects"
card *capabilities* (as opposed to specific hardware variants) and
reports a compatible card. If your 8500 is CUDA-compatible and that is
not being detected/used, then this is an issue with the way Wine
selects which card to report.

There are far too many individual GPUs to be able to include a list of
every (or nearly every) one in Wine. A dynamic model that reports what
the GPU "says" it is is, IIRC, unsatisfactory for most brands of GPU
as the information is not detailed enough or simply unreliable (I
think Intel is particularly bad), and would make Mesa support
virtually impossible.

This is just stuff I've gathered from reading wine-devel though; a
more experienced dev might be able to give you a clearer picture.

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