The window for that icon was made from a screenshot of a window from
my desktop. The Wine glass was from a png on the WineHQ website. So
there should be no copyright issues there, so long as Wine agrees to
letting itself use it.

I made it in icon composer which only supports up to 512x512 which is
the max resolution supported in XCode's icon composer. A Mac-themed
icon seems more appropriate in my opinion. I've cc'd Linda who might
be willing to make one that's cleaned up and contains better reduced
resolution versions, if that's the desired direction.


On Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 11:01 PM, Ken Thomases <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a need for a new icon in Wine and I'm hoping somebody with some 
> graphics-design skills might be able to create it.
> The Mac driver attempts to extract an icon from the executable to use for the 
> Dock icon of its process.  This is also the icon that appears in the 
> Command-Tab application switcher.  This often works, but not always.  When it 
> doesn't, the Dock just uses the generic "Unix executable" icon from Mac OS X. 
>  You can see that here: <>.  It's not very nice.
> I would prefer to have a Wine-specific generic program icon.
> Any graphic designer care to take on the task of creating such an icon?
> I'm told Wine has been using the Tango icons as the template for its.  Tango 
> provides application-x-executable.svg at 
> <> that might be 
> suitable.  That could be badged with the Wine glass logo to produce an icon 
> for a program running under Wine.
> On the other hand, if this icon were to be used only by the Mac driver, it 
> might be more appropriate to use a Mac-themed icon.
> Some time back, Jeremiah posted an archive of icons.  
> <>  That 
> included one which had a miniature Mac window badged with the Wine glass 
> logo.  I'm not sure of the copyright/licensing situation with that icon.  
> It's bitmap-only, not vector, but that might be fine for a Mac-only icon.  It 
> does have some issues with rough edges around the window, rather than a 
> smooth alpha-blended edge.
> Although Mac app icons can go up to 1024x1024 pixels (512x512 "points" at 2x 
> resolution for Retina displays), this icon would only appear in the Dock and 
> the application switcher.  So, it needn't be larger than 256x256 pixels 
> (128x128@2x).
> Thanks,
> Ken

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