So Unicode 6.3 was just recently released. One of the things it features is 
an updated BIDI (Bidirectional) algorithm. This is revision 29 to the 
algorithm. (http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr9/tr9-29.html#Modifications) 
Looking at the code I moved from gdi32 to usp10, it looks like the existing 
code is based off of revision 17. This implementation was originally by Shachar 
and Maarten. I simply integrated it into uniscribe.

  I am tempted to update our code to match the revision 29 version of the 
algorithm. But this raises a question. Right now our code mostly correctly 
mimics Windows. It may be that I am not testing the correct edge cases that 
would reveal if windows is coded to a later version of the algorithm or not. 
But if we update to revision 29 then we will almost assuredly be using a later 
version of the algorithm.

  What is more important to us in this regard?  Do we want to have the latest 
algorithm based on the unicode standard, or do we want to try to match the 
algorithm that Windows makes use of? 


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