On 8 October 2013 13:44, Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesin...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Are you sure? E.g. if a texture is used with srgb=true and sRGB_decode
> is supported, wined3d_texture_bind sets WINED3D_TEXTURE_IS_SRGB. If
> the application later calls PreLoad manually, texture2d_preload is
> called with SRGB_ANY. Because of the set IS_SRGB flag it chooses to
> load the srgb copy. It correctly uses the rgb texture structure and
> binds the rgb GL texture, but still passes srgb=true to
> surface_load(), which results in SFLAG_INSRGBTEX being passed to
> surface_load_location, even though we want to load the RGB copy.
Right. It should be pretty easy to fix that by taking
EXT_TEXTURE_SRGB_DECODE into account in texture_srgb_mode() though.

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