I would like to participate photography-wise.. (no memorization required, and I 
am slow of study these days...)... however I can be used.. I am no 
professional, but an enthusiastic amateur and ready to celebrate in any way by 
active and appreciative observation ! 


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> On Aug 9, 2017, at 6:19 PM, James Ayres <jay...@cvctx.com> wrote:
> Amazing responses today!  30 in all I think.  And some grand ideas to toss 
> back and forth. I’m looking forward to hearing from everyone.  Yes, it is 
> early, but the 2015 experience behind me, I can assure you that physical 
> arrangements (room, board, venue) will take well over a year to plan.  
> So here’s what we have so far from you:  approval of the early start, the 
> committee idea, at least two plays, including Camp Shakespeareans, having 
> retreat(s) or meetings before reunion, and exploring a variety of ways to 
> celebrate the 50th.  There is some concern with early meetings and venues but 
> I’d certainly hate for us to be worried at this point about what we think 
> will not work.  Your letters say that you are eager to play again.  Let’s go 
> from there.  
> Beginning, we need to talk with James about what plans he has for the 50th.  
> I have begun that conversation and will continue in September.  Next, I think 
> it would be good to have a committee of 6 or 8 to develop ideas for possible 
> schedules, “retreats” or “early meetings” prior to the reunion week and play 
> selection.  If we could get something of a broad outline of that set down, we 
> could begin to talk to folks about reservations.  And maybe another committee 
> of say 4-6 begin thinking about other ways of celebrating the 50th, involving 
> Camp kids and James’ students as well, and former students who can come for 
> only the weekend of performances and the great meal!
> One thing IS clear: we cannot use the Winedale stage for work or play until 
> James is through and that may be August 17.  And another: the fee will be 
> about $1,000 per person.
> I can tell already that there is interest in general gatherings of the 
> performing groups (like the Wednesday evening in 2015) so if we increased the 
> number of days, there might be two such times for that.
> All for now, with thanks!
> Doc
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