> Ok I have a question regarding sending packets. Basically, when I receive
> packet, I strip it down and get only the information that is important to
> - IP and (UDP or TCP) headers, the data, and the trailer (if there is
> Now, if another application hands me this exact information (ie. IP and
> or TCP) headers, the data, and the trailer) in 1 packet in binary format,
> can I just use pcap_sendpacket() to send that packet out? Thanks.

Where is the packet coming from? If your system is the original destination,
then in order for the packet to go anywhere, you'd have to update the
destination address, and therefore the checksum. There is also the question
of the ethernet frame. For a packet to processed by the correct system in an
ethernet,  it has to specify the correct ethernet address to receive it,
which it does by using arp. If you excude the ethenet header, it won't go


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