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We have encountered two problems with winpcap:
1. Using version 3.0 we have found that the non-paged pool is gradually depleted. The symptoms are that the non-paged pool gradually grows to around 80 MB at which point users are unable to logon and applications begin failing. Through trial and error we have found that stop/start of the Snort service drops the non-paged pool back down to around 14MB. This gradually grows again until the pool is depleted.
Our workaround for this is to have our network monitor software check the non-paged pool and when it hits around 60MB it issues a stop/start for Snort and the cycle restarts.
2. We currently continue to use version 3.0 due to a problem with version 3.1 beta 4. After removing version 3.0 and rebooting we installed 3.2 beta 4. After another reboot an attempted start of Snort results in an error message that it cannot locate an entry point in the DLL.
I'm curious if anyone else has seen these two problems.

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