Sounds to me like you are not linking the necessary libraries to your project, i know how hard is this at the begining but dont dispair
download the winpcap developers pack and link the necessary files as stated on the winpcap tutorial :
"WinPcap tutorial: a step by step guide to program WinPcap" be sure to follow every step of it and you should have your application runing in no time.

hope this help

Daniel Quintero

Terry Braun wrote:
Someone else will probably chime in with more help (and hopefully 
correct me if I make a mistake!) but
1. there are two interfaces,
packet.dll that runs on top of the driver (npf.sys)
winpcap that runs on top of packet.dll
2. The interface of choice is winpcap because it is the "supported" (and 
therefore mostly unchanging) interface, whereas packet.dll may change 
Unless you have some special needs you should at least start with 
winpcap. Sounds like you did.
3. Unless you have special requirements you should use the developer 
pack with the header files and precomiled libraries. You can find the 
ddk somewhere online if you need it ( I don't remember where sorry) but 
it is really not required, at least at this stage
4. Make sure that you have linked in wpcap.lib- I think you can either 
include it in a VC++ project or do "properties/linker/inputs". - I think 
this is your current problem.
5. In order to run you will need both packet.dll and winpcap.dll

I hope this help

Mario Hollibaugh wrote:

I am trying to develop a compact, customized-to-my-purposes packet 
sniffer using VC++ v6.0. It was recommended to me that instead of 
writing a program using hardware interfacing and working directly with 
interrupts, to take a look at and use the WinPCap library. Normally I 
can hack my way through things with computers, but right now I am so 
frustrated I could cry.

<>When I look at the documentation (and believe me, I have spent 
nearly 15 hours reading through the docs trying to help myself out) I 
notice 2 things: 1) documentation entitled “WinPcap tutorial: a step 
by step guide to program WinPcap”, and 2) WinPcap internals” under 
which are “NPf driver internals manual” and “Packet Driver API 
developer’s manual”. Through no amount of reading, or posting in my 
usual newsgroups, have I been able to determine which section pertains 
to me. Do I want to know how to “program WinPcap”, or do I want to use 
the “Packet Driver API’s”? <>

Furthermore, I can’t “build the NPF driver” like it talks about in one 
of the read-me’s that came with my download for WinPcap source v 3.0, 
because I don’t have a DDK (driver development kit). Do I need to be 
able to compile that in order to use the WinPcap library? Or do I only 
need to take the precompiled library that comes with the download, put 
it in the included libraries, and also make sure I get all the .h and 
.c files that came with the source into an included path? <>

Moving on, when I tried to read the “WinPcap tutorial: a step by step 
guide to program WinPcap” there are many sample programs. It seems to 
me like the obvious thing to do is to compile/build/run these 
porgrams, then read over the analysis provided in the tutorials. 
However (and this has been MOST frustrating so far) EVERY program that 
I try to compile give me “unresolved external symbols” errors when 
linking. This error basically means “you have a data member or a 
function that is defined in one of your header files, but it’s never 
implemented anywhere in a corresponding .c or .lib file. How can this 
be? I’ll give a concrete example: <>

The very first sample program in the tutorial is “Obtaining the Device 
List”. When I cut and paste the code into VC++ 6.0, at link-time I get 
the following error: <>

main.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _pcap_freealldevs
main.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _pcap_findalldevs
Debug/blah.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 2 unresolved externals
Error executing link.exe. <>

So I go and look up pcap_freealldevs in the online documentation. The 
documentation tells me that pcap_freealldevs is defined in pcap.h, and 
is implemented in inet.c. I check my include and source directories in 
my VC++ options, and the directories containing the files pcap.h and 
inet.c are both listed. So why am I getting an unresolved external 
symbol error? Why is VC++ not seeing the functions pcap_freealldevs 
and pcap_findalldevs in inet.c, like it should? <>

I’m sorry this is such a long post, but I am ready to pull my hair 
out. I am simply floored right now… any help in any form whatsoever is 
going to be much appreciated, thanks. <>


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