Dear WinPcap-users,

This mail marks an important transition in the life of the WinPcap project.

WinPcap started as an University project in 1998. It was published on the
web, for the first time, in 1999. From that (very old) time, it has become
the de-facto standard for capturing and sending raw packets in Windows.

Now, time has arrived for for WinPcap to enter a new phase and for
Politecnico di Torino to withdraw from this project.
After several years, the lack of funding and, more important, of people, are
forcing us to stop supporting and developing this WinPcap. In fact, Loris
Degioanni (who started working on this project in 1999) and Gianluca Varenni
(in 2001), the two most important contributors to WinPcap, left recently our
University and started a new adventure in California by giving birth to a
new company.

However, Loris and Gianluca have agreed to continue the WinPcap project and
to provide the leadership for WinPcap from the land of sunshine. WinPcap
won't be any longer a University project, but it will become a true
open-source project. From the perspective of you, WinPcap users, nothing
will change.

Now, first step will be moving the WinPcap site from its current location in
the Politecnico di Torino to a new site called "", and the same
will happen with the mailing lists.

On behalf of our group at Politecnico di Torino, we would like to thank all
the people who contributed to the WinPcap project. First, Loris and
Gianluca, who worked very hard to trasform WinPcap into what we know and who
had the patience to answer to every request on the mailing list. Second, all
the people who contributed to this project, with donations, code, and
suggestions. Third, all the people who give us credit.

Although Politecnico is not going to continue in any way to this project,
some of us will join the new WinPcap team as individuals. We are fairly
confident that other developers in the open source community will join the
Winpcap team pretty soon, bringing this project to new bright milestones.

The WinPcap project will continue, thanks to you all.

On behalf of the NetGroup at Politecnico di Torino,

            Fulvio Risso
            Prof. Mario Baldi

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