What a shame you are so cynical, and rude.
I was simply chiming in to highlight a Python GUI library as you mentioned kivy.
apologies if i didnt solve all your problems.
p.s. did you even look at the project?
It certainly wasnt meant to be an advertisement. Not entirely sure what i would 
have been advertising as the project is open source.
If this is what the WG list is like, ill be happy to leave.
hope all your questions get answered.

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Your post:
* doesn't address ANY of my questions,
* sounds more like a Bud commercial, minus the fun,

so, thanks, but no thanks.


> Jean-Yves,
> I just got back from Pycon AU and there was a session on Beeware which 
> has a great bunch of tools for cross platform GUI development ( 
> including Android ). Well worth a look:
> https://pybee.org/project/using/android-app/
> You could then use the same code to package up an app for other 
> platforms. It even does installers and packaging!
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