Good day, ladies and gentlemen!

I have been working on a NM plugin for wireguard as part of my thesis for quite a while, but somehow I've never really found the time to work on that (sorry about that!).

*Until recently.*

Since we have semester break in February, I have finally found the time (and motivation) to put some effort into this thing.

So, I forked the OpenVPN plugin at some point and built my current solution on that foundation. This means that my plugin is actually pretty much pure C, so almost no dependencies (obviously, NM, WG and GLib stuff).

After briefly talking to my supervisor about making the thing public (which he considered to be a pretty positive step), I uploaded it from our internal GitLab to GitHub: <>

The basic workflow of creating a NMConnection (either from scratch through the Connection-Editor UI, or by importing a wg-quick formatted conf file [export works too]) and connecting to it works.

However, there are still a ton of issues open, of which I'll list just a few:

* the plugin sets up the connection by spawning wg-quick on a temporary conf file instead of implementing that logic directly * the Editor UI isn't quite top notch and there are two tabs (IPv4 and IPv6) that I did not use, but also can't seem to get rid of * internally, everything in the plugin is stored as data-item and not as secret
* etc.

However, I think that most of those problems are not actually that huge and could be fixed without tremendous effort -- they are just many in number.

So, if anybody would be interested in checking it out and maybe even contributing, I'd be very glad about that! :)

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