I won't bore you with the details but I'm working on a project where nesting 
Wireguard tunnels is an attractive solution to a thorny problem. 

It looks like this. 

A <--Tunnel A on port 51821--> B <--Tunnel B on port 51820--> C 

Where A is sending packets addressed to the internal endpoint of  Tunnel B on 
port 51821 and B forwards them along. 

I see the correct packets come out of the Tunnel B interface at the 
destination, but they never seem to go into the Tunnel A endpoint on Device C. 
If I had to make a guess I'd say that since WireGuard is in-kernel it will 
never listen on devices that aren't physical nics. 

For the short term I've solved this problem by having Device C use a keepalive 
to Device A, which has only a single tunnel. The NAT traversal code then 
figures out how to navigate the nested tunnels on Device C to form a 
bi-directional connection.

My questions are. 

1) Is capability for nesting a feature that the community is interested in?
2) Can it be implemented in a sane way?
3) If the above two points are true, I'd appreciate some pointers about how to 
get started on a patch.  

  Justin Kilpatrick
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